Dare to Share 3
Dare to Share Technology Conference - Honeycutt's in the house!
Dare County Schools third annual technology conference Dare to Share - Waves of Change, Oceans of Opportunity - opened with over 450 participants and more than 80 presenters. Arranged by the district's technology facilitators, led by First Flight Middle School's Landra Cartwright and Nags Head Elementary School's Cathy Evanoff, the conference spanned two days, June 17 -18. 

Launched with words from Superintendent of Schools Dr. Sue Burgess, Director of Secondary Instruction Nancy Griffin introduced  the keynote speaker for the first day, Kevin Honeycutt. Honeycutt's motivating talk proved him to be the darling of the conference. He was noted in nearly every response received by Cartwright and Evanoff.

"I really like and appreciate the addition of Lucidpress to the gmail apps, and Landra did a great job in introducing it to us.  Of course, Kevin Honeycutt got us off on the best imaginable start - he was inspiring!" - Chuck Voigt, School Counselor, Nags Head Elementary School

"Keynote speaker Kevin Honeycutt can inspire anyone in any field of work to make new efforts at self-improvement.  His story is real and relevant to public education in particular but today's society in general." - Chris Pace, Exceptional Children, Nags Head Elementary School

"The conference brought us back to the most important thing in education. Teaching kids the way they learn." - Cindy Beacham, third grade, Nags Head Elementary

"Even though all of us were at an 'end' to our school year, Kevin Honeycutt wowed me with his vision of technology and the students we work with every day. He noted that each of us needed to 'crack the code of each kid's success.' His belief in the 'tradigital experience,' or one that combines both traditional and computer techniques -  a form of expression from which each child can benefit."  - Sue Ward, First Flight High School

"Computers don't take the place of teachers.  Good instruction involves relationship, and technological tools only help facilitate learning once the student/teacher relationship has been established." - Sharon Davis, Kitty hawk Elementary School

"I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed the Technology Conference this year.  You certainly have outdone yourselves!  I appreciate the time, energy and talent that you all put into this year's conference to make it exceptional." - Jean Taylor, Director of Administrative Services

"Thanks for the amazing job you and your team did in putting together and delivering an inspiring and beneficial conference.  I know endless hours went into the planning. Please pass along my gratitude to all of your team for this meaningful professional development." - Freda Ballard, First Flight Elementary School Principal

Technology Director Carl Woody used an online registration and people could scan QR codes as they entered to get started. He sets the bar high for teachers but he delivers - professional development that's customized. Woody has listened to feedback from the two previous conferences to develop the program of presenters for his teachers. The conference was attended by teachers (and presenters) from Currituck, Tyrrell, Pasquotank, Gates, and Hyde counties.

The second day had its own keynote, Adam Garry. Garry shared many annotations and videos to make various key points. See him here - 

Honeycutt's presence was supported by the Dare Education Foundation. 
Doorprize donors included the Pierce Group, Black Pelican, Lone Cedar Cafe, Mama Kwan's Grill and Tiki Bar, Colington Cafe, Tale of the Whale, Lucky 12 Tavern, Sugar Creek Seafood Restaurant, Carolina Charm Plants & Gifts, Mulligan's Raw Bar and Grille, Dare Devil's Pizzeria, Goombays Grill & Raw Bar, Jersey Mike's Subs, Rundown Cafe, Barefoot Bernie's Tropical Grill & Bar, The Good Life Restaurant, and Outer Banks Brewing Station.
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