Governor's Teacher Network
Three Dare County Teachers Named to GTN

In partnership with the NC Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI), North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has established the Governor's Teacher Network (GTN). Funded by the state's Race to the Top grant, the GTN provides a statewide platform for teachers to share their best work around instruction and professional development and help advance the state's educational remodeling efforts. 

Through the Governor's Teacher Network, North Carolina teachers have been selected to serve for one year as instructional and professional development experts and facilitators. Network teachers remain in the current roles but will also work to gain a deeper understanding of the states RttT-funded work in one of two "pathways," both related to the establishment of Home Base.

Sixteen hundred teachers across the state submitted proposals for professional development or instructional resources, and 450 were selected - 225 for professional development and 225 for instructional resources. They will be paid $10,000 for their work. With support from DPI, network teachers began receiving specialized training on June 30 through July 2.  

Three Dare County Schools employees have been selected to participate - Susan Lee, School Counselor at First Flight High School; Martha Butcher, Art teacher at First Flight Elementary School; and Jake Bryson, eighth grade Science teacher at First Flight Middle School.  

Teachers will serve for one year developing projects that support key RttT initiatives (professional development and digital instructional resources for Home Base) in their schools and districts. In addition to teaching/counseling, they will also design and deliver individual projects that address needs in the classroom, school and/or LEA (local education agency) level.  

Susan Lee is working on Professional Development. “The conference was energizing!  It was exciting to hear proposals from enthusiastic teachers across the state at all grade levels, experience levels, content levels and districts. Participants learned about Action Research, which we will use to define our professional development plan.  Each person is working on a proposal to address an issue for improvement in his/her school or district,” said Lee. “The process is professional development for me, and I feel well supported. I have always found reflection to be an important aspect of my career,and that is a built-in component of this initiative.”

Martha Butcher is working on Instructional Resources - development of a sequence of units/lessons. “I first have to create my Instructional Sequence Outline which, for me, will include two units of four lessons each.  The outline has to name and describe each unit, detail each lesson, list standards addressed, and identify generalizations,” explains Butcher. "DPI will own and publish the work done by the network which will contain working lesson plans using a specific format that not only gives attention to learning content, but also with differentiating instruction, use of technology, and assessment.”

Jake Bryson is taking on Instructional Resources as well.  "The GTN is going to provide teachers with fully formed units, including lesson plans, informal and formal assessments, and benchmark tests.  I am excited about working on the project because it is teachers helping teachers.  All of the units and lesson plans are going to be available right from home base so teachers will have all of these resources right at their finger tips.  As our school system transitions toward the student laptop initiative, these helpful tools will enable us to have a vast collection of successful plans, units, and assessments that will ease our growing pains quite a bit."