First Flight Elementary School Teacher of the Year
Penny Pugh is First Flight Elementary School's Teacher of the Year for 2013-2014
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Penny Pugh is First Flight Elementary School's Teacher of the Year for 2013-2014.  She earned her teaching degree from Elizabeth City State University and her masters in elementary education from East Carolina University. She has been teaching in Dare County Schools since 2005.  She currently teaches 3rd grade – math, language arts, science and social studies.  Pugh is a National Board Certified teacher. She is the team leader for 3rd grade since 2011, and has been the Outdoor Classroom Committee Chair since 2010. She has written $7,000 in grants for the outdoor classroom at FFES.


Pugh says that her children, Bryce and Madison, have had the most influence on her becoming a teacher. “I believe I have a better understanding of children in general because of my experiences with them. I appreciate the uniqueness that each child brings and the wonder and excitement that lives within them.”


“I have always felt as though I can create real relationships with my students and their families. Families understand right away that I want and value their input. By working together as a team we can all accomplish our goals.”


Colleague Mary Winstead has worked with Pugh for each of her almost nine years as a teacher.


She says, “In the classroom Penny brings an energy and vitality that motivates her students to do their best.  She uses every opportunity to make the most of every lesson, integrating multiple skills from throughout the curriculum through fun and engaging activities. Penny has an open door policy to keep parents actively involved in their child’s educational experience. Her students thrive in this atmosphere.


“Within our school community, Penny serves as a role model for her colleagues. We worked together to gain our National Board Certification and I saw first hand how dedicated she was to achieve this goal, for the impact it would and has made on her students. Her goal is to provide them with as many experiences as possible to enhance their learning. She doesn't just do this for her class, but for our whole grade level and quite often the entire school. Penny loves teaching and her enthusiasm rubs off on all who come in contact with her.”


Colleague Trish Eldridge, AIG teacher, observes "Penny is dedicated to making sure all students grow and enjoy learning. For example, this year, she had students read a variety of novels. My son, Cole, read interesting books and for every book he read, Mrs. Pugh asked students to complete a nightly blog entry.  He was so excited about reading and blogging that I never had to ask him to read. He completed new assignments on his own and often wanted to do more. Every day, it seemed that my son had a new idea to share from school.


“She challenges students to perform at high levels and makes learning fun! Penny is innovative, motivated, and goes above and beyond in every way.”